Friday, December 26, 2008

Not the only one

I had great plans to post all the yummy candies and cookies I made everyone for Christmas... Can you believe that I have not even made a single cookie - not even from a mix or from the refrigerator section of the store... but if I get with it I will still publish my favorite Doris Lassen candy recipes -because there is nothing better than her carmels...
Sorry I'm such a slacker - Merry Christmas anyway!


Midge said...

I didn't make anything special this year either. Although I did make Sharon's pancakes and syrup christmas morning which was a huge hit with Ryan's family.

Cate said...

Me too!
I was going to get frozen cinnamon rolls for everyone to take home Christmas Eve but they didn't have them at Ralphs (Mom always made the best on Christmas morning but I'm nowhere near that ambitious.