Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ryan's favorite Steak

I forgot to take a pictures but this is the new way that we eat steak. It's Ryan's favorite and I know it sounds a little odd but trust me it's good.
Basically cook your steak however you prefer. Simple salt and pepper is the way I do it.
Then top it with...
equal parts
cut up pear
Blue Cheese or Gorganzola
toasted peacans
That's it. Scared? don't be. We've made it a couple times at Ryans family bbq's and everyone's been jeleous and stolen bites of our steak vs. their chicken. I'll add a pic next time I make it.


Cate said...

Do you cook it again (broil) with the toping or add it cold - just let the steak melt the cheese a little??

Metalworx Design said...

Sorry should have explained. You mix the topping and added it cold to the cooked steak. Then yeah it just melts the cheese a bit. It actually is really good.

Cate said...

I finally made it - but I admit I'm scared of stinky cheese - so I used feta instead and it turned out really good.
The same combination also works well with a spinich salad...