Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beans and Chips

I asked Micah what we call this meal, just to make sure we didn't have some fancy name for it. Nope, its just beans and chips. I suppose if you knew how to cook you would add lettuce and other fancy things and call it taco salad. But for us, beans and chips is all it is.

Cook 1 lb of hamburger with taco seasoning.
Add one can each:
Pinto Beans, drained
Kidney Beans, drained
Tomatoes, undrained
Heat it all up, serve over tortilla chips and add some cheese.

That's it folks.

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sharonhat said...

Your "taco salad" is even fancier than mine. I just open a can of chile and throw it on some chips and add cheese and lettuce. I guess I would call that chile and chips.