Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calling Out Sharon

Hey, Come on and post a recipe already. I know you are making amazing dinners every night, plus you can't tell me you haven't made cookies at least 10 times since we started this blog. We need some yummy 'non-stevenson', no offense, recipes on here. And since I'm pretty sure David has banned most Stevenson creations in your house, you should have plenty of new deliciousness to share with us. Don't be shy, post some goodness.


Cate said...

Mom actually made a couple of Sharon's recipes so, if she ever sends them to me, you'll at least get some of her specialities.

sharonhat said...

I know, I suck!!!! I was so excited about this blog. The problem is I have always been bad at taking pictures. Cathy is my idol. I have been cooking alot. My kids rarely get the same dinner twice in a month. I really need to leave my camera in the kitchen. Sorry guys! I'll post some soon. I just told Mom about a yummy corn chowder I make. It FINALLY broke 90 here, so I may make it this week. Thanks for calling me "retarded." It may have something to do with five kids. . . I don't know what my problem is.