Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Burnt Toaste

Sarah wants you to know that if you toaste your bagel too long, it doesn't taste very good! Didn't Dad always tell us that burnt toast made his hair curly? Ha Ha. And Max still believes his Dad is the David that killed Goliath. Be careful what you tell your children.


Chuck and LeOra said...

You mean you don't think that burnt toast makes curly hair? I'm glad to see your recipes. How about the corn chowder recipe you promised me. I sent the Chili recipe to Cate to put on with pictures. The pictures are on my blog but not the recipe.Thanks, Mom

Chuck and LeOra said...

It takes a really gifted chef to prepare burnt toast properly. If not prepared properly it will cause your hair to turn grey and fall out. Be careful with this one.

sharonhat said...

you are hilarious, dad!