Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fish Tacos!

Can you believe it? I threw together some tacos tonight and actually had my camera in the kitchen. Are you proud of me Marjorie? My pictures are in the wrong order, but I'll try to remember how I made this. I usually make it up depending on what I have in the fridge. I like fresh veggies.
FISH: The fish I made real simple. It is Talapia (great for tacos, very mild) I diced some butter on top, salt, pepper, and squeezed some fresh lemon on the top. I cook all fish 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Flakey and perfect!
PICO DE GALLO: All you spanish teachers can correct me on the spelling. Two large tomatoes diced, 1/4 diced onion, handful cilantro chopped, I used sea salt but just salt and pepper to taste makes it perfect. Add a jalapeno if you have one.
AVOCADO SALSA: Two avocados diced (I'm jealous I don't live in an orchard of them any more). This is where i make it up every time. Tonight I used some corn, whole beans (usually black beans if you have them) 1 tomato diced, two scoops of any kind of salsa. Add seasoning to taste (I.E. salt, pepper, onion salt, garlic salt, celery salt).
CREAM SAUCE: equal parts mayo, ketchup, and plain yogurt. Sounds gross, but it tastes great.
Warm corn tortillas, shred some cabbage and set out grated cheese. Its real important to serve your fish on a "fish plate" with the eyeball showing. Its all about presentation. Or whatever makes your kids laugh!
Sorry this recipe is a little scatter brained. Sarah is waiting to use the computer for her homework and there is too much pressure!!! I'll do better on the next one. We had Calzones yesterday!


Midge said...

Woo Hoo! you posted. And all I can say is Yum! I want to come over for dinner. I love fish tacos.
what was the name of the mexican restaurant you took Ryan and I too with the portabello enchilladas, my friend just moved there and she needs to go.

sharonhat said...

It's called Adobe or Adobe grille. I can't remember. It's on Country Club between University and Main street. (I think) It's in a scarey part of town, but isn't that where all the best Mexican food is? Tell her its in Mesa.

Cate said...

That looks so good! Last week we had Chad's grandpa over for dinner and Chad had just brought home a bunch of Mexican left-overs from his meeting so we had about 5 different types of marinated meat, guacamole, Spanish rice, homemade tortillas... very delicious. G'pa thinks I'm the best cook ever! I did try to confess that Chad "catered" the dinner but he wouldn't let me - he likes to give me kudos - even when they are undeserved.

sharonhat said...

Cathy, I tried to copy the chile pictures mom made from her blog, but I made a mess of it. If you post the pictures, I'll add the recipe. Someone needs to teach me some computer skills!

Rooster Press said...

If I were you, I'd skip the tilapia next time. It's worse for you than donuts, hamburgers, or bacon. You can visit my blog at to learn more.