Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If you're like me you are going through all your recipe boxes looking for all the holiday favorites (Like the Trader Joe's Stuffing that was such a big hit last year that I can't seem to find this year...) So I thought I would help out and try to put some favorites here so they're easier to find... Most of these are from Debbie and Sharon. There is also one from Grandma Hatton that Mom always made (before discovering the Easy Rolls (I'm going a step further this year and just doing frozen rolls...) There's also one from Chad's grandma (any surprise it's the Jell-0 Salad - that's about the extent of her cooking :)
Sorry, no pictures yet... I'll try to take some as I go.


Midge said...

Thanks for all the fun recipes! I'm sad I won't be with you guys for Thanksgiving.

sharonhat said...

Thank You for taking time to write these down. I'm trying to add a little "Stevenson" touch to a loud and crazy "Hatfield" thanksgiving. It will make me feel a little closer to home. I miss you guys!